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Let your kids watch YouTube videos.

KiddoViddo offers carefully curated videos and collections. You can also curate your own collections and add them to your KiddoViddo account for your children to see.

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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

18 videos
age 3+

Peep and the Big Wide World

56 videos
age 3+

Postman Pat • Classic

6 videos
age 3+

Curated video collections for your kids to see

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Here at KiddoViddo we select the best videos for kids from YouTube.

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From all handpicked video collections, you can pick your favorites, to make sure your kids only see the shows you want them to see.

Create your own

Create your own video collection with your kids’ favorite Youtube videos

Are your kids crazy about zebras, nautical adventures or rainbow-colored unicorns, but you can’t find anything like that on KiddoViddo? No worries, you can create custom video collections yourself. Select the videos from YouTube, add them to your custom collection and all is done. You can add them to KiddoViddo, so your kids can still see these videos, without you having to worry about what dubious video YouTube will play next.