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Hi, I'm Ernest 👋

Thank you for taking the time to check out KiddoViddo! It is all about the great kids videos, but since you came to the ‘About’ page, I guess you would like to read a bit about the story behind KiddoViddo.

Me and my wife have two kids. When our oldest kid started watching tv, he sometimes requested certain shows he heard about at daycare. So we opened YouTube, cuz everything’s on YouTube right…

My oldest son is totally fond of Paw Patrol. One day I sat next to him when he was watching Paw Patrol movies on YouTube and the recommendation engine suggested to play a libertarian propaganda video starring Paw Patrol figures. I like to teach my kid about politics, but not at this age and absolutely not by some weirdo who thinks it’s okay to use children tv shows to influence kids.

After reading this post of James Bridle I decided I wanted to make an app where I could curate the videos from YouTube for my kids. And well, what if I could make an app for all parents so they could do this.

In november 2017 I took a month off to take care of our youngest. During his naps I built the blueprint of what is now KiddoViddo.

I hope you and your children will like it as much as my kids and I do.

Ernest Mistiaen

ps. You can reach out to me via ✉️ email or 🐦 Twitter.
Love to hear what you think about KiddoViddo and great if you can give it a shout out :)